Mortgage and Mediation


I have settled more then 120 cases in the past 5 years which include but not limited to:

  • real estate
  • property damage
  • insurance claims
  • kidnapping pertaining to visitation orders
  • school bulling
  • restraining orders
  • cultural issues within the community
  • family matters
  • divorce
  • child custody
  • death and division of assets
  • accident claims
  • small claims court cases


Karen did a wonderful job in Mediation.  She kept both sides focused on the task at hand.   The attorney for the other side didn’t appear to want to settle, but Karen’s gentle persistance moved the client to making a good decision for all concerned.  I would recommend Karen for mediation without a hesitation.  She did a Great Job.”

Dana – Financial Planner, Pleasanton, Ca


The “climate” in a family home can suffer when even small, unresolved issues interupt the daily harmony.  Thanks to Karen Bartholomew, a sticking point in our family has been resolved once and for all.  I appreciate her style of “stick-to-it-tive-ness” during the moments I would have normally stood up and declared the issue, unresolvable.  Neither of us was “right or wrong” during the session.  Karen’s practical approach and facilitating skills, created a rewarding outcome for us.

BethAnn – Pleasanton, Ca


“I have certified hundreds of mediatiors.  Karen is one of the best.  Her natural instincts, well-honed skills and perhaps most important, her caring, makes her extraordinary.  She is direct, trustworthy, smart and has an excellent temperament.  She has the great ability to bring parties together without being pushy and without wasting time.  The agreements she facilitates are well thought out and durable.  Karen is a master mediator.”

Diane Jeronimo, Founder, Executive Director, Lead Mediator for Center for Community Dispute Settlement – Livermore, Ca


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  1. Hi Karen — I was wondering if you could give me a call about the possibility of doing my 10 weeks of field experience at the Center for Community Dispute Settlement. I left a voicemail message in the general mailbox there, but I was hoping we could talk a little more in detail about this. Thanks! Sharon Hollis

    Comment by shollis | September 18, 2007

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